About Stacie S

An Emerging Author

Stacie Sullivan-Simon is an author who discovered her writing ability while creating a fun book with her young son. She enjoyed the writing experience so much Stacie was inspired to write “I Am Me & You Are You.”

The theme of Stacie’s book is racism and bullying. Two societal ills experienced as a young child by the author. When Stacie was little, she approached a clique of children who stood on the steps of a neighbor’s home. As she drew near, Stacie could hear the cluster of kids threatening to beat her up and yelling taunts at her. Stacie, a slight, scrawny girl, fearlessly stood her ground. Placing her hand on her hips, she returned a challenge to the gathering of children. “I dare you to come down from those steps and try,” she retorted! Not one intimidator answered back. Stacie glared at the group and indignantly said, “I thought so.” Then she turned on her heal and strolled away. Stacie Sullivan-Simon desires to live in a world where children and adults alike are caring, understanding and accepting of the differences in one another. One of her much-loved quotes is:

"The things that make me different are the things that make me" — Winnie the Pooh.

“I Am Me & You Are You,” a book that speaks to this ideology is an excellent resource that parents can use with their children and teachers can use in their classrooms.